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 UP DATE 1.JULY,2017
Technoset corporate profile 
The technology fonsultant related to plastic is begun in the place where it is China after it establishes it in September,1995, and it mediates the importing and exporting of plastic and the raw material materials.
Office consumables sales like as sToner cartridges for LBP,
A product of plastic and the symthetic rubber, technological imformation getherings concerming the sub-materials, and do the marketing research, and it aims at the thing that contributes to the development of the two countries in daytime.
Content of Business 
1. Technology consultant related to plastic

2. Importing and exporting of chemical materials & High performance products

Address of company
 4-59-8, minamidai Nakano-ku, Tokyo
POSTAGE ZIP: 164-0014
TEL:03-3383-2290  FAX:03-3383-2282
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